Bay Area, California

Quant/Data Scientist

News-Driven Quantitative Trading

As a quants or a data scientist, you are expected to bring strong experience in building and deploying scalable machine learning algorithms. You will work with a team of motivated individuals on building trading algorithms and strategies, while being responsible for monitoring the health of your deployed algorithms. You will be expected to rigorously test your models for data integrity, statistical significance and numerical stability.

You are someone with;
3+ years of experience in Python, SQL, machine learning
Machine Learning training/inference with GPUs is a plus
3+ years of experience in data processing libraries like pandas, numpy, scipy and pyAthena
3+ years of experience in REST APIs, Flask, FastAPI
2+ years of experience in AWS or any other cloud computing platform
Prior experience in machine learning with large scale time series/financial/quantitative datasets
Strong demonstrated experience in deployment grade machine learning
Prior experience in assessing code quality and building machine learning codebase with proper engineering fundamentals
Exposure to interdisciplinary collaboration, especially involving domain expertise
Experience with AWS Athena and Redshift is a plus
Knowledge of Pyspark or other distributed computing frameworks is a plus
Strong oral and written communication skills
Capacity to operate independently and make sense of limited directions, especially capable to identify the underlying unknowns

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